Girl sketches

Here's a couple of sketches I've done lately. Hopefully I'll get to clean, and put some color on them soon!


Chinaman from Japan

This is a character I came up with sketching for a story about waiters. He's not going to be in the story but I thought he turned out quite nice, so I finished him up and hopefully I'll be able to use him for something else. I'm at the moment coloring some expression drawings with the same character, and they'll probably be out here pretty soon!


Noodle Monster

I've just finished this Noodle Monster, for our weekly drawing assignment at the school. He's a biochemical weapon used by the US millitary during the invasion of Okinawa. His body consists of noodles and he is able to manipulate them to attack his victims from inside their bodies.


I've just finished putting color on these drawings I did in Portugal this summer.


Chicken Cricket characters

Some of my summer-holiday sketches turned out to be the hall of fame chicken-cricket players. From the top: Barry "Loveface" Gable, Larry "The Mystic" (no one ever discovered why he wore his mask while playing), Fasthand Bartholomew, Hanz "The Mime" and Wang "The Kid" Sung (famous for training with regular balls, but his equal in pitching with chickens was never found).


Bernard push