To celebrate that I'm animating again I made this little .gif. I don't dare guessing how long it has been since I was flipping digital pages the last time.
I've wanted to do gif-illustrations for a while now, and finally I got my self together. I also did the animation for this one in photoshop, and wasn't being to critical since i wanted it done fast, and I'm not too familiar with its system.
And read a book.. you'll get nice teeth.. or girls/boys.. and they might be nice.




A drawing from the project I'm working on currently. It's still too early to tell where it's going style-wise, but I'm thrilled about the project and I'm looking forward to a couple of intense months. Will share some more when it is appropriate.


These are some explorational sketches for a short comic based on an excerpt from a book (1Q84), I'm doing as an exercise. I'm testing how fast I can get to a decent look. These are ball-point pen sketches, no clean-up, and digitally colored. I've also added some of the panel thumbs, if you think that's of any interest.


I have neglected this blog lately, but since a lot has happened meanwhile I guess it's ok? This is a quick watercolor-sketch I have mocked around with in photoshop. Next up will be some sketches for a short comic I'm working on, so stay tuned. Hope you all are doing great out there,