These are characters i helped develope for a really amazing project called "Dream". I urge you to go to the projects facebook-page and "like" it. From there you can go to the developement-blog and follow the project as it takes form. I've been working with this project my last two summers, so I'm looking very much forward to see how it grows. Kenneth Ladekjaer did the initial sketches for these characters, along with a huge amount of other beautiful concepts, that you can see if you follow the instructions above.
At the moment I'm 2 months in to my 3 months internship at Studio Soi (first in the lovely Ludwigsburg. And very recently in Berlin). It has been a great experience, and I feel very lucky to intern at such a great company. Go see what they do if you don't know it by now.





At the moment we're in the very last weeks of production on LOAD. I'm looking very much forward to see how this project turns out. But I just wanted to share my online showreel, and its accompanying blog. I hope you like it, and feel free to drop some feedback, or contact me if you have any questions what so ever.


\\A couple of easter vacation pastels, and ink thumbnails. I finally had a good opportunity to try out some pastels I bought a while ago. I will try to get simpler and better at designing my elements, but i really like working with them on the go.
\\ Above is an old watercolor portrait I found. And the life drawing studies was done earlier today. I was attending a one day class with legendary Glenn Vilppu. If you haven't heard of him before you haven't done any figure drawing:) His lecture was fantastic, he was funny and his skills and knowledge on the subject seems to be endless.


// Important stuff going on! Be sure to follow http://dream-represented.blogspot.com/, a project started last summer and hopefully will get some funding for further development in a couple of weeks. There's a massive pile of awesome characters, and kick-ass animation to this project and it will be dominating your world in a near future!




Over 40 followers! I'm am so honored that you guys are stopping by every now and then. and believe me I'm looking back at yours, and it feeds so much inspiration.
This little dude is a concept test for a project on the side (from bachelor buissiness), I won't reveal too much right now, but as this thing comes along I will post some process. Hope you like it!



Meian animation from Mark Kjærgaard on Vimeo.

This is some of the animation I did for a japanese series inspired short film at The Danish Filmschool. It's directed by Maremi Watanabe, a wonderful, talented and dedicated director. The crew was also blessed with some of the crew from the newly released "Salma" short film, from our school The Animation Workshop. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out, it is stunning: vimeo.com/​18009392
And be sure to check what they're up to:
Martín Sand Vallespir - masava.blogspot.com/​ who art directed Meian. He did an unbelievable amount of beautiful designs and backgrounds
Rikke Skovgaard - rkkskvgrd.blogspot.com/​
storyboarder and background artist, and I mean great artist.
Michael Holm Nielsen - michaelholmnielsen.blogspot.com/​
did compositing on Meian, be sure to check his things out he is cool.
Andreas Severin Kristensen the technical director. He did wonders, after we left the filmschool in november, with the film.
I did the animation and coloring for this sequence.
A little warning, this is the cleanest shape, size and form of a spoiler you'll get. Hope you enjoy it.


Happy Birthday Mia

This is done in the occasion of my girls' birthday. From bottom up; some exploring sketches, Ink version, and then digital. And NO, we do not agree in music preferences but today she's the boss. Happy B-day Ilse.


Please take a seat

A little girl I made on the train to Copenhagen today. Normally people can be quite annoying on the train, but today it was probably me being the brat for taking all the table space with my laptop and tablet. But heck, I spend 4 hours in a tick.