Happy New year

To everybody out there (Especially those following this blog (happy faces)) Have an amazing New year! I'm honored you are stopping by to check out what I'm up to, so thanks a bunch! best of luck in the new year!


Season Race

old concept drawing.



So finally we started the Bachelor film, Im truely blessed in being teamed up with some awesome artists for this year and it makes me even more exited than earlier. These are some concept designs I've done for our main character in different stages (in watercolor). Make sure to check out the projects blog at: http://loadnotes.blogspot.com/
It includes some concept, story synopsis, boards and other relevant stuff that will be updated as the project comes along! Hope you dig it, and throw me/us some feedback if you fell like it!



I'm back in Viborg after nearly two amazing months at The Danish filmschool in Copenhagen. The films will premiere at the filmschool 17. dec so looking forward to see how it turns out. This week we've started the long awaited bachelor films, so exiting times ahead! Hope you like the sketch outtakes, and feel free to drop some feedback.



Meian teaser from Mark Kjærgaard on Vimeo.

This is a small preview from the project I'm working on at the moment. It's called Meian and is directed by Maremi Watanabe who is currently a student at The Danish film school. The animation is due friday, and there will most likely soon be more of my shots uploaded to the blog. Hope you like though it's not finished and in the right format.


New thang!

Found this sketch to try out some new stuff in Photoshop.


Bachelor project

In 10 minuttes the stories for this years bachelor projects at The Animation Workshop will be announced. Kristoffer W mikkelsen ( kristofferwmikkelsen.blogspot.com or in my friends list) and I have two pitches in the run for it so I made this quick thing for good luck. It's a concept piece for a story called "Season Race". Hope you like it.



A couple of pages from my current sketchbook. I've bought a small set of akvarelpainting, so I'm slowly learning to incooperate the colours into my sketches.


Story concept-art!

Mr. Birdmonster in his new concept feathers/colors
This Background is called End-station, because that's what it is for a little boy in the story I'm developing concept for at the moment. The story is about the revengeful imagination of a little boy, who have had it with low-life adults disturbing his imagination.


Project Quadruped!

So, finally some 3D animation for you to look at. This is a school assignment called project quadruped, and it's a collaboration with the CGA line on our school. We where teamed up in groups of two, one from each line, then the CGA's created the character, we animated it, and last but not least the CGA's went over the scene once again putting on lights, special effects and loads of other stuff to integrate the animation to the picture that is our background . My partner on this project is Thorvaldur S. Gunnarsson and I will highly recommend you to go check out his blog because he's really talented as you see. http://thorvaldurgunnarsson.blogspot.com/


Concept for story idea!

This is a character I created for a story about three crazy brothers, all wearing masks and doing a lot AO-rated stuff.


Stills from Void Of Light.

These are some of my stills from our animation jam with the CG Artist line at the Animation Workshop (animwork.dk) the week before our christmas holiday. It was an mindblowing experience, and I'm really pleased with the way the team worked and our final result.
Our team consisted of:
Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen - animator (http://kristofferwmikkelsen.blogspot.com/)
Who i have to mention once agian for coloring the lightsource in my scene (the yellow niceness in the stills above)
Touraj Khosravi - animator (http://tourajkhosravi.blogspot.com/)
Malte Burup - CG Artist (http://malteburup.blogspot.com/)
Magnus Myralf - CG Artist (http://myralf.blogspot.com/)
Ágúst Freyr Kristinsson - CG Artist (http://agustfreyr.blogspot.com/)
All really nice and talented people, so check out what they're up to.

Some rough and fast modelsheets I did on the first day of the animation jam, for the leadcharacter. Kept mostly in silhouette since the final look had to be a black character on black background.

Lintest for animation jam (Void Of Light) from Mark Kjærgaard on Vimeo.

Before our christmas holiday we had an animation jam along with our brother bachelor line the CG artists. It was one week of very intense work, since we had to come up with the story and do the entire production in five days. This is a takeout of the animation i did in that week. We didn't really do any clean-up since i had to paint the whole thing over afterwards. I have to give my credits to Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen (http://kristofferwmikkelsen.blogspot.com/) who animated the white light source that's twirling around the character, and BTW did some other amazing stuff on the jam(so check out his blog, and see for yourself)!