Stills from Void Of Light.

These are some of my stills from our animation jam with the CG Artist line at the Animation Workshop (animwork.dk) the week before our christmas holiday. It was an mindblowing experience, and I'm really pleased with the way the team worked and our final result.
Our team consisted of:
Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen - animator (http://kristofferwmikkelsen.blogspot.com/)
Who i have to mention once agian for coloring the lightsource in my scene (the yellow niceness in the stills above)
Touraj Khosravi - animator (http://tourajkhosravi.blogspot.com/)
Malte Burup - CG Artist (http://malteburup.blogspot.com/)
Magnus Myralf - CG Artist (http://myralf.blogspot.com/)
Ágúst Freyr Kristinsson - CG Artist (http://agustfreyr.blogspot.com/)
All really nice and talented people, so check out what they're up to.

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