I was very fortunate to be invited to contribute, with my first comic, to a comic anthology with some enormously talented people, arranged by Jakob Schuh, Uwe Heidschötter, Sandra Brandstätter and Sebastian Koch.
So here are the pages I did along with some of the research for it.
Go check out the books own page:

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The Contributors:
Barbara Benas / Sandra Brandstätter / Dominic Eise / Uwe Heidschötter / Sam Hiti / Mark Kjaergaard / Sebastian Koch / Enrique Lorenzo / Sylvain Marc / Maike Plenzke / Miguel Porto / Christian Puille / Alfonso Salazar / Jakob Schuh / Andreas Schuster / Steffi Schütze / Mikkel Sommer / Louis Tardivier / Phil Warner / Thomas Wellmann / Heinz Wolf /

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